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Breastfeeding Resources: Image

What Breastfeeding sites do you recommend?

Here is a list of the best sites for all things breastfeeding

Military Resources:

Information for medication safety while Breastfeeding, please speak with an IBCLC or follow the links below.

Websites for Chest-feeding, Pumping and Breastfeeding and OUD Treatment.

I'm asked often, can I feed my infant breastmilk and been Suboxone? 

Below is a great resource for info on this matter!

The last link above is the La Leche League International website. They are a great resource. They can help answer question, along with connecting you with local chapters in your area.

Breastfeeding Resources: Text

Below you will find local groups to assist in your breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding Resources: Text

Haywood Regional Hospital - Mother's Connection


 Meeting on Tuesday's from 11:30 - 1:30 in the Haywood Fitness Center.

Breastfeeding Resources: Text

Virginia Breastfeeding Support

Are you unsure where to start, to find a group who helps or supports breastfeeding in your area?

The link below will give you many group links throughout the state of Virginia. 

Breastfeeding Resources: Welcome
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